Exhibiting artists:
Zsófia Antalka, Dani Marcel, Gergő Szinyova

PV / Opening times:
12 March, 6-8 PM / 13-28 March
Tu-Fri 12-6pm, Sat 2-6pm 

What do we really want –  and what if we actually got it one day?

The exhibition presents three artists through new work related to this question. Zsófia Antalka, Gergo Szinyova and Dani Marcel approach the theme from a variety of directions, ranging from post-soviet politics of memory, through political corruption, to the dilemma presented by dreams within reach.

Zsofia Antalka, has recently showed at Q Gallery, and soon, at Budapest’s ACB Gallery. Gergő Szinyova is represented by Kisterem Gallery, where he showed new work recently. Both artists live and work in Budapest. The third artist, Dani Marcel, lives and works in London and this will be his first exhibition in Budapest after a long hiatus. 


Antalka Zsófia (sz. 1994.) holds a degree from the painting course of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her debut exhibition with ACB Gallery opens this March, and will follow up at Double Q Gallery in Hong Kong later this year

Marcel Dani (sz.1992) is an artist based in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2020. He exhibited under different pseudonymns in the Shop /Sadie Coles, South London Gallery, Kupfer Gallery, and Grove Gallery amongst others.  www.danimarcel.com

Szinyova Gergő (1986) graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He is represented by Kisterem Gallery and have shown both in Budapest and internationally.


Photo: Máté Lukács