Kristóf Szabó – KristofLab: “The Loudest Rustle”

“The Loudest Rustle” exhibition provides an exploration of the complex and often damaging relationship between humanity and nature, focusing on the Tisza River and the environmental issues surrounding it. The site-specific installation highlights the relationship between the urban environment and the natural ecosystem. The Tisza River and its surroundings are an example of how human activity contributes to the formation, alteration and destruction of landscapes.The artist’s question, “I wonder what would happen if we ‘cleaned’ nature of the traces of man?”, prompts a profound reflection on the impact of human activity on the environment.

One of the special features of the installation is that it is partly made of plastic waste from the Tisza River. The installation follows the flow of the Tisza and presents a powerful image of the reality we have been living in for decades, highlighting the impact of pollution on various ecosystems, including rivers. The river is rushing, but its sound is changing, its flow is no longer just the ripple of its life-giving waters. The erosive sound of the river of waste caused by human negligence is increasingly audible, and is made palpable by the fault signals in the sound installation. The video work in the exhibition aims not only to raise awareness of the Tisza, but also to highlight the global context of the problem. The works highlight the fact that by combining art and awareness, we can make significant steps towards solving environmental problems.

PET Cup supported the creation of the artwork with plastic waste.

Exhibiting artist: Kristóf SZABÓ – KristofLab

Curator: Viola Dóra LENKEY

Graphic design: KristofLab

Location: ISBN Books+Gallery, 1084 Budapest, Víg str. 2.

Vernissage: 6th February 2024, 18.00 

On view: 6 February 2024 – 1 March 2024.