X=? The unpredictability of the unpredictable

Opening: 6pm, 9th April, 2024.

Opening speech: Eszter Lázár, Art Historian – Curator

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of our lives, and it can manifest itself in different forms, from inner psychological experiences to the unpredictability of everyday life. In each case it can be anxiety-provoking, but it can also be a catalyst for personal growth and learning. Allowing ourselves to be affected by an uncertain situation or the discomfort of unpredictability can help us open ourselves to growth, learning and self-discovery.

Sculpture students at the University of Fine Arts approach the elusive notion of uncertainty with artistic solutions. Ádám Szabó’s class worked mainly with experiential approaches, such as the mysteriousness of fog or the unpredictability of the game of like-dislike. In addition, the uncertainty is sometimes felt in the execution and form of the work, and there is also a reflection on the human psyche, juxtaposed with the unknown.

Exhibiting artists:

Zsófia Bali, Dominik Bárdi, Vanda Burján, Anna Deák, Anna Bíborka Fodor, Gyöngyvér Gerhát, Liliána Kerekes, Zsombor Kis-Deli, András Ladányi, Ditta Sarfenstein, Kamilla Szeli, Zsuzsanna Szentpéteri (Sculpture Department of the Hungarian University of Fine. Professor: Arts Szabó Ádám)

Curators: Kíra Antman, Bettina Bakos, Vera Sára Bodor, Tamara Csermák, Petra Guzmics, Tamás László, Anna Rizmajer (Art Theory BA, Hungarian University of Fine Arts)

Instructors: Bea Istvánkó, Ádám Szabó