Zsolt Asztalos – Authors Unknown

14th March – 13rd April 2019.

Opening: 7pm, 13rd March 2019.

Opening speech: József MÉLYI

What are we looking for in a work of art? The ideas about the creation, the artist, or both? How important is the person of the creator and how much is the work of art itself? Is it possible to separate the two at all? The issue has become increasingly emphasized in modern and contemporary art. Sometimes there is a professional marketing strategy behind an artist to create a brand hallmarked with the name of the artist. Creators who have fallen into the unknown, without any reputation, embody a kind of humility – even if it wasn’t the result of a purposeful decision. Moreover, the project refers indirectly to the canonizing mechanism of art history; who are those who are missing out, and who will get into the canon of art history? What kind of mechanisms indicate to subsist, or cover up certain names?



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Photo: Zsuzsanna Simon