Nemmivoltunk: Recess

Opening: 7pm, 4th of Februray, 2019.

In recent times, the common tendency towards creating order has arguably pursued an ideological vision that supports an authoritarian presence in social structures and institutions.
While a lack of order can lead to an environment of chaos, a fervent insistence on establishing order can create settings that are severely rigid.
How is the human propensity towards order problematic in both an individual and collective sense?
‘We didn’t do it! Crew’ identify this tension as they explore personal school experiences that occurred decades ago. These artists, now in their thirties, evoke school as an institutional system where norms are learnt. They establish the classroom as a laboratory, which functions to facilitate the acceptance of top-down power structures from a young age – something that continues to be a source of frustration and anxiety, even as an ‘adult‘.
The project ‘Recess’ seeks to challenge these through a process of “unlearning” in an attempt to liberate the autonomy of both the individual and collective mind.

We didn’t do it! Crew / Nemmivoltunk! Crew
There are things that are good to do alone and there are some that are better in a team. Since 2009 Péter Bátory, János Brückner, Mátyás Falvai, Máté Filler, Ottó Szabó and Márton Emil Tóth have been running their collective called We didn’t do it! Crew. Together they cover almost all mediums and through this share their own perspectives of the world out there, which is both playful and engaging for an audience who likes experimental situations. Principal areas of exploration include forms of obligation and institutional control such as rules and education.

Opening: 7pm, 4th of Februray, 2019.
On view: 5th February – 8th March, 2019.
Location: ISBN könyv+galéria, 1084 Budapest, Víg utca 2.
Opening hours: Tu-Fri 12-7pm, Sat 2-6pm


Fotó: Eln Ferenc