Antal Plank – Free Geometry

8th August – 1st September 2023. 

Opening: 8 August, 18:00

Antal Plank (MIRONES)

Antal Plank’s main inspiration is the world of graffiti and street art. His works incorporate both organic and geometric lines, thus bridging the two different concepts in a formal sense. Plank’s sculptures reflect the subcultural visuality of street art in their vibrancy, color and massing. But these works step out into space; their permeability can give new impulses, creating a sense of an ever-changing mural. The crystal-like or origami-like sculptures also carry the essence of various real or imaginary creatures. At first glance, some pieces may appear to be a bird or a fox, but could be seen as an abstract living entity. The creation of this inner tension, which we might call ‘static kineticism’, is and has been at the focus of many contemporary or old masters’ efforts. The aim is to capture that specific point of equilibrium that would be lost with a micron of deviation!

Instagram: @plankantalmirones

Photo: Máté Lukács