30th November 23rd December 2021 

Opening: 30th November from 6 to 9 pm, in the presence of the artist

Invitation for an inner journey. Our soul as a Garden, and physical metaphors that I created for it. I am actively encouraging others to use their imagination with placing a piece of my own inner landscape into the real world. Building a bridge between a real and a dissociated state can raise awareness to the nature of hidden traumas. Invitation for playing with the most cherished device of our childhoods; the fantasy. I propose a possible outcome to befriend with ourselves. Questions to myself and to others.

Singing helps with thinking, recovering, storytelling – ’Inner Garden’ was born from an outline of a melody. Still not sure about what my inner garden looks like or how I can take care of it in the right way, but I already know that the core of my soul and personality is a hiding-experiment. This metaphorical frame system helps me to see, feel and to understand my own progress.

While my little melody has been writing itself, visually expressible questions came up to me: What type of inner garden do the visitors have? What kind of connection do they have between them? What does it look like? Is it more surrealistic or rather naturalistic? Does it have a fence or not? Are they taking care of it or not? Is there enough water? What are they planting in their garden?

Emese Dóra (1985): finished her studies in sculpturing at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. The main inspiration of her works’ shapes and forms are coming from nature. In her diploma piece she examined the differences between place and space. She frequently uses the genre of installation in her later works as well. Some of her Projects: ’Lightcreatures II.’ (Sziget Festival 2016, 2017). ’Bloom’ (Casati Budapest Hotel, 2018). Group exhibition: Budapest Art Expo Friss (Pécs, Museum of Jannus Pannonius, 2015). She participated in the KASZ – International SteelArt Symposion of Kecskemét.


Photo: Emese DÓRA