Anna Ádám: „School of Disobedience”

Community art, Talk, Lecture, Education, Performance, Activism

Budapest Autumn Festival – ISBN books+gallery: 2021. October 1–30.

The “School of Disobedience” will move into the ISBN book+gallery in Budapest between 2021 October 1-30 to transform the gallery into a community space and a radical experimental platform. Based on critical pedagogy, empowerment methods and guerrilla tactics, the school helps participants achieve critical consciousness through the regular practice of questioning, protesting, resisting and revolting.

For one month, you can meet Anna Ádám and join her “School of Disobedience” which is the latest stage of her interdisciplinary artistic practice, situated at the intersection of research, creation, education and activism. The series of events, combining community building, workshops, performances and exhibitions, is jointly supported and organised by the company Gray Box, ISBN book+gallery, H13 Student and Enterprise Development Centre, and the opening weekend of the project (1-3 October) is part of the Budapest Autumn Festival, in collaboration with Budapest Brand Zrt

“Art is my knife. My weapon to confront, protest and revolt. I sincerely believe that art can be used as a political tool to fight against oppression, bring liberation and freedom. However, apart from a few truly relevant works and initiatives, I find the current art scene fundamentally boring, self-sufficient and exclusionary, and it’s not at all surprising that only such a few people are interested in it. Contemporary art whose works can only be received by the viewer through mediation, for example through descriptive texts, guided tours or art education sessions, is not for the general public, but for a privileged segment of society. What is missing is a radical reform of contemporary art, a more sincere, more generous, more accessible and more interesting contemporary art that is open to a wider public, rather than initiatives that seek to promote it and make it more widely accessible. My conviction is that this reform can only happen through the reinvention of art education. The “School of Disobedience” is an attempt to do this.

In my “School of Disobedience” I encourage my students to stop wanting to prove themselves, stop wanting to be validated! Stop being manipulated by the market, stop creating for open calls, stop adapting their art, stop responding to trends! Just dare to be themselves: defy self-doubt, fearlessly follow their own path and be confidently themselves!”

/Anna Ádám/


– 10-13h: “Forbidden Fruits” Erotic text writing workshop (H13)
– 20-20h40: “sorry not sorry: Second book” Performance (ISBN books+gallery)
– 20h45-21h15: “sorry not sorry: Second book” Talk (ISBN books+gallery)

– 10-11h30 or 11h45-13h: “Play Fight Club” Workshop (H13)
– 19-19h40: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Performance (ISBN books+gallery)
– 19h45-20h15: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Talk (ISBN books+gallery)

– 12-16h: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Exhibition (ISBN books+gallery)
– 18-18h40: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Performance (ISBN books+gallery)
– 18h45-19h15: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Talk (ISBN books+gallery)

– 12-16h: “UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA” Exhibition (ISBN books+gallery)

OCTOBER 12-15.
“Let it go”: Workshop (ISBN books+gallery)

18:00–20:00: “Let it go” performance, rituals, concert, immersive space installation (ISBN books+gallery)

OCTOBER 19-24.
“Wildflowers Festival”: workshop, festival, exhibition, performances (ISBN books+gallery)

OCTOBER 26-29.
“Happiness Clinic”: Workshop (ISBN books+gallery)

13:00–18:00: “Happiness Clinic” performance-seances, performance-therapies, healings, care practices (ISBN books+gallery)

Fotó: Zellei Boglárka