BE YOURSELF! – an exhibition of Dávid Icko

4th of November – 5th of December 2019. 

Opening: 7pm, 4th November

‘During great ceremonies repeated from generation to generation, they smash their idols to pieces with hammers. (…) for once they have freed themselves from their gods they can do whatever they please. They can mingle the force of the Four Elements with those of the Six Kingdoms and the Thirty-Six Hells, without feeling at all responsible for the violence they unleash. Once these orgies have ended, these people are said to fall into deep despair. At the feet of their shattered statues they cannot help but hold themselves responsible for everything that happens, which they call ‘human’ or ‘free-will subject’… Then, as if terrified by their own daring (…) they put their gods back up at the crossroads, holding them together by iron hooping as we do for barrel staves.’

/Bruno Latour: On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods/

Photo: Zsuzsanna Simon