The secret life of objects | Neongrey x Balázs Csizik

Although Viki Horváth and Gábor Engler, founders of the NEONGREY brand, and Balázs Csizik, artist, are quite different from each other, they have something in common. Each of them looks at ordinary, everyday objects from a different perspective, inspiring those who are interested in the genuineness of things rather than the surface. 

The three artists are now presenting a collaborative exhibition where the objects designed and crafted by NEONGREY presented in one space in different forms photographed and reinterpreted by Csizik.

The archetypes of our home are placed in this space, at once as multidimensional artwork and as functional design products that fit effortlessly into the interior. At the meeting point, the secret lives of objects are revealed: through wood, neon colours, playful shapes and profound compositions.


The exhibition is open from 13th to 30th July 2021.

Opening: 13th July from 18h to 21h with the artists present.



Photo: Zsuzsanna Simon