Pleasant Place – Compost

Title: Pleasant Place - Compost
Series: Pleasant Place #3
Published by: Pleasant Place Publications, Amsterdam
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Guus KAANDORP, Floor KORTMAN, Lou-Lou VAN STAAVEREN
Pages: 38
ISBN13: 978-90-832843-2-3

4400 HUF

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Hold your breath and take a deep dive into compost in this issue of ‘Pleasant Place’. First and foremost, compost is about doing: about getting your hands dirty, experimenting with ingredients, and being creative in finding the method that works for you and your garden. Learn what, why, and how to compost, find out why worms are so great, consider how organic waste is handled at a city zoo, and get wired with digital composting in Minecraft. ‘Pleasant Place’ is a growing collection of publications about the art of gardening that aims to inform and inspire by offering both practical and in-depth information as well as unexpected approaches to everyday garden tasks and garden design.