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“Let it go”

October 12 - October 16

Keywords: rejection, breakup, broken hearts, let it go, vulnerability, one-night stands, emotional intimacy, bonding, commitment, gratification, fulfillment, emotional needs


Many people hold back from connecting deeply to others, engage in serious relationships or fall in love because they are afraid of being blessed, rejected, feeling themselves worthless, not wanted or accepted. But what if you choose to view breakups and rejections as one of life’s greatest gifts? What if you opened yourself up to look for its hidden benefits? Rejection doesn’t define you, how you respond does! See rejection for what it is: an incredible opportunity for growth and renewal. ​

during the classes, activities will involve

  • with Anna Adam: performance…
  • with Roland Korponovics: performance, installation, video, photo, digital art…
  • with Anna Makay: electronic music, sound scapes, sound installation, dj set…

final public showing

Following the last class, on the 16th of September, participants will present their works in the frame of a public showcase in the ISBN Gallery in Budapest.

unlearning facilitators

  • Anna Adam (Performance)
  • Roland Korponovics (Digital art, Multimedia art, Performance…)
  • Anna Makay (Electronic music, Musical composition, Dj set, Voice…)

practical information

  • Dates: October 12-16​: Part time (3h/day) or Full time (6h/day) with final public showing
  • ​Venues: art gallery (ISBN Gallery, Budapest, HU), dance studio
  • Number of participants: 8 women
  • Timetable:

Oct. 12. – Introduction
09:30-11:30 (discussion)
12:00-15:30 (dance, performance)
Oct. 13. – Focusing
12:00-18:00 (discussion, creative writing, sketching, sharing)
Oct. 14. – Collecting material
10:00-13:30 (performance)
14:30-18:00 (photo, video, sound recording…)

Optional: from 18:00 (sharing)
Oct. 15. – Creation
Oct: 16. – Public presentation
14:00-18:00 (rehearsal, installation, space building)
18:00-20:00 (public event)

  • Tuition fee:

Very Early Bird (Before August 1st) – 2 places: 
Work exchange for free tuition
Early Bird (Before Sept. 15):
Part time (15h): 25 000 HUF (75€)
Full time (30h): 50 000 HUF (150€) 

Regular Price (Ongoing):
Part time (15h): 35 000 HUF (100€)

Full time (30h): 70 000 HUF (200€)


October 12
October 16
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