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2021-10-26 - 2021-10-30

“Happiness Clinic”

Keywords: care, healing, joy, happiness, positivity, slowness, anti-fast art, holistic and spiritual beliefs, cultural imperialism, cultural appropriation, plastic shaman


In reaction to the devastating impacts of current social, economic, ecological and public health disasters on mental health, students create “Happiness Clinic”, a pop-up ephemeral clinic, which offers artistic treatments, cures, cares and therapies, in form of short, individual “performance-consultations” (seances) to celebrate joy, happiness, and spread positivity in today’s uncertain world.
During one whole afternoon the “Happiness Clinic” opens its fictional doors, and the public will be invited to
 participate in short, one-on-one, interactive “performance-consultaions” (seances).
Curated alongside three axes (“Care”, “Creation”, “Connection”), 
“performance-consultations” will cope with a variety of mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, denial and fear, caused by today’s social, economical, ecological and public health disasters. All of them will mix a performance art form (eg. ceremony, ritual, promenade, multi-sensorial experience, collective actions, gathering, public intervention, celebration, party…) with a wellbeing, healing or therapeutic practice (eg. naturopathy, aromatherapy, relaxation, dietetics, massage, reflexology, meditation, hair care, body care, ayurvedic care, stretching, pilates, tai chi chuan…). All of them will be participatory, and engage actively the public.

during the classes, activities will involve

Students are invited to imagine participative “performance-consultations” (one-on-one seances), which, in terms of form will be:

  • Performative in the wide sense of the term (ceremony, ritual, care, public space interventions, promenade, multi-sensorial experience, lecture, talk, workshop, collective actions, gathering, party…)
  • Participatory, and engage actively the public: through a total artistic immersive experience, “performance-consultations” will encourage the public to step from a “classic” spectatorship to a co-author of the art work or even becoming the art work itself.
  • Rely on a healing technique, such as naturopathy – aromatherapy, energy technology, relaxation techniques – sophrology, manual techniques – osteopathy, kinesiology, podology, sport or on a care, therapeutic approach like dietetics, food coaching, phytotherapy, traditional massage, reflexology, reiki, magnetism, feng shui, meditation, relaxation, hair care, body care, stretching, hiking, qi gong, pilates, tai chi chuan, art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy…

In terms of concept, students’ “performance-consultations” will rely on one of the three axes:

  • Axe 1 – Care of the body, development of self-confidence and encouragement of self-care and self-love through the use of sport, dance and movement exercises.
  • Axe 2 – Creation and co-creation through alternative, experimental and horizontal learning and unlearning processes preferably using marginal forms (ballroom dance, nightclub dance, street dance…) and aesthetics  (eg. narrative…).
  • Axe 3 – Connection with others and community-building activities are seen as a “call for gathering” for friendship, reciprocal support, collective study on a particular subject/issue, and tooling. These are simply human experiences which go beyond relational aesthetics by introducing the production of knowledge and the sharing of skills and tools in addition to the creation of friendly and safe spaces.

final public showing

Following the last class, on the 30th of October, we will open “Happiness Clinic”, and propose one afternoon of free participatory “performance-consultations” providing positivity, happiness, joy, wellbeing, self-care and self-love.

unlearning facilitators

  • Anna Adam (Performance, Creation)
  • dr. Katalin Lőrinc (Dancer, Lecturer)
  • Zsuzsanna Zsuró (Queer Budapest, Art researcher and Curator)

practical information

  • Dates: October 26-30​: Part time (3h/day) or Full time (6h/day) with final public showing
  • ​Venues: art gallery (ISBN Gallery, Budapest, HU)
  • Number of participants: 8 women
  • Timetable:

Tue, Oct. 26. – Introduction
08:00-10:00: Breakfast, discussion, presentation
From 10:00: Experimentation, observation
Wed, Oct. 27. – Care of the body
12:00-15:00: Discussion, lecture
15:00-18:00: Creation
Thu, Oct. 28. – Creation and co-creation
12:00-15:00: Discussion, lecture
15:00-18:00: Creation
Fri, Oct. 29. – Connection, community-building
12:00-15:00: Creation
15:00-18:00: Rehearsals, installation, scenography
Sat, Oct: 30. – Opening of “Happiness Clinic”
13:00-18:00: Public event

  • Tuition fee:

Very Early Bird (Before August 1st) – 2 places: 
Work exchange for free tuition
Early Bird (Before Sept. 15):
Part time (15h): 25 000 HUF (75€)
Full time (30h): 50 000 HUF (150€) 

Regular Price (Ongoing):
Part time (15h): 35 000 HUF (100€)

Full time (30h): 70 000 HUF (200€)


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