Baroque Femina – Péter Lichter, Márió Nemes Z.

“Documentary footage, Hollywood cinema and video games collide, overlap and submerge into each other in a Dadaist collage inspired by the poetry of Hungarian poet Mário Z. Nemes. The hypermedia nature of the present is emphasised by fragments that are free of a clear narrative backbone.”

/ Péter Lichter /

Péter Lichter, made a 60-minute experimental film from the volume of Márió Nemes Z., Baroque Femina published last year. Between the 9th and 23rd of December, the exhibition space of the ISBN books+gallery will feature an installation from the experimental hungarofuturist movie, which combines the pictorial world of collage films with the questions of the fate of the Hungarians.

ONLINE opening event: December 8, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.


 The video projection will be available from the next day in the gallery space.