Woods go urban – Landscape Laboratories in Scandinavia

Title: Woods go urban - Landscape Laboratories in Scandinavia
Published by: Blauwdruk Publishers, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Anders BUSSE NIELSEN, Lisa DIEDRICH, Catherine SZANTO
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 9789492474650

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With the first living laboratory created on Alnarp Campus in the 1980s, ‘Woods go urban’ delves into the three innovative landscape laboratories in Sweden. Explaining the hands-on design approach of integrating natural landscapes into urban environments, this book includes photographs, and illustrations, as well as detailed insights and knowledge from fourteen landscape architects and urban planners who were involved in these projects. Combined with creative management, interactive education, research, and citizen participation, discover new urban planning practices and a transdisciplinary model for healthier and more harmonious urban living environments.