Anton Bruhin: Hice for Weiss

8000 HUF

„A penchant for camouflage in black and white is a key feature of this architectural collection. Although it exhibits a certain hypothetical turn, it undoubtedly relates to reality as well. Anyone who has travelled through Central Asia or the countries of the former Soviet Union will realize that Bruhin's designs clearly reference reality: tea houses in Tadzhikistan look like melons, skyscrapers in St. Petersburg look like rockets, the Ministry of Roadworks in Tbilisi is a suprematist sculpture, and in Moscow, the marvelous architect Konstantin Melnikov designed the futurist Gosplan parking garage as a sculpture. [...] Every one of Bruhin's approximately 700 designs was created at the computer and with the help of the computer mouse, even though he uses stone-age software, tellingly named Microsoft Paint.” [Introduction by Christopher Doswald]