MIGRANT JOURNAL 3 – Flowing Grounds

Title: MIGRANT JOURNAL 3 - Flowing Grounds
Published by: MIGRANT JOURNAL, London
Release Date: 2017
Contributors: Michaela BÜSSE, Justinien TRIBILLION, Dámaso RANDULFE
Pages: 144
ISBN13: ISSN 2398-984X

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In 2016, more people flew in planes than ever recorded in history. Technology has also enabled new developments to take place through the air, from drones to satellite communication. Throughout millennia, water particles, seeds and birds have been avid migrants, essential for our global ecosystem. Meanwhile seas and oceans have become a morbid stage to which nobody pays attention, where thousands die as they hope of a better future. 5,098 individuals lost their lives in their attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2016. The sea is also home to nomadic populations of humans and animals; a millennial stage for exploration, a source of food and life—and a contested space. While the seamless ocean and the boundless skies deceive us as infinite spaces, they are submitted to international laws, social and political dynamics, along with the intrinsic laws of nature.