Marianna Serocka: DISCO CRY

Published by: Centrala, London
Release Date: 2016
Contributors: 978-0-9933951-3-0
Pages: 240
ISBN13: Marianna SEROCKA

7000 HUF

based on a true story

Every girl knows this, all these Saturday nights that stretch until dawn and cannot end. Coming back home with a hangover, broken heart and a strange guy on top of that. “Disco Cry” is an account of one of these nights that leave memories you’d rather not have.

Marianna wittily uses paper as a means to explore her fondness for ornaments. Impatient drawings and wild colours, increasingly intense as the night progresses, reach a climax at the end of the story.

An amusing read that will calm your conscience after a sleepless night. Just beware of men in crocodile shoes.