LAN PARTY – Inside the Multiplayer Revolution

Title: LAN PARTY - Inside the Multiplayer Revolution
Published by: Thames&Hudson, London
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Merrit K
Pages: 178
ISBN13: 978-0-500-02695-3

19990 HUF


A loving photographic celebration of the energy drink-fueled, furniture-rearranging, multiplayer gaming trend and its nocturnal participants.

Transport yourself back to the golden era of multiplayer PC gaming, when the internet was a place you built with your friends and the only in-game purchases were pizza deliveries. Ad hoc and adventurous, sweaty, and unsupervised, LAN (local area network) parties embodied an open and optimistic era in computing that’s been forgotten in today’s always-online digital world. Featuring personal recollections alongside hundreds of crowdsourced photographs ranging from kitchen-table gatherings to massive convention hall-filling tournaments, LAN Party will bring you back to the Mountain Dew-fueled glory days of gaming.