Isabelle Graw: On the Benefits of Friendship

Title: Isabelle Graw: On the Benefits of Friendship
Published by: Sternberg Press, London
Release Date: Isabelle GRAW
Contributors: 2023
Pages: 130
ISBN13: 978-3-95679-652-4

8750 HUF

Isabelle Graw’s latest book reflects on the purposes and struggles of friendship in competitive social milieus. By focusing on her own social milieu—the art world—Graw demonstrates how friendships are neither totally disinterested nor reduceable to their use. Written in the intimate form of a fictional diary, this book laments useful friendships while praising true friendship in all its forms. For Graw, friendship is an existential necessity—if only because it points to how we relate to and depend on others. Friendship, she finds, is as important as the air we breathe—with it, we are able to fully live.