Hilde Bouchez: A Wild Thing

Title: Hilde Bouchez: A Wild Thing
Published by: Art Paper Editions, Gent
Release Date: 2020
Contributors: Hilde BOUCHEZ
Pages: 296
ISBN13: 978-949-314-6464

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Everyday objects can have an extra dimension or quality that has no relation to functionality, form, a concept or a trend. So what is it that gives a particular glass an 'aura'? Why should one thing have more shine, passion and 'mystical allure' than another? 'A Wild Thing' attempts to identify and describe these often intangible qualities.

In a series of essays, Hilde Bouchez reflects on design history and the latest movements within the design world. She also presents a phenomenological methodology that opens up a new, more poetic approach to everyday objects for both maker and consumer. The texts are linked by the author’s search for a sustainability and meaning that transcends the organic component of materials.