Feminine Futures – Valentine de Saint-Point. Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism

Title: Adrien Sina: Feminine Futures - Valentine de Saint-Point. Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism
Published by: Les Presses du Réel, Dijon
Release Date: 2011
Contributors: Adrien SINA
Pages: 512
ISBN13: 978-2-84066-351-5

19990 HUF


A reexamination of the role of female avant-gardes in the fields of performance and dance: a comprehensive publication with over 2500 color illustrations, together with documentary material on Valentine de Saint-Point, Marinetti, Futurism, Canudo, Russian Ballets, German and American expressionism (original photographs, manuscript letters, drawings, woodcuts, manifestos, first editions and ephemera).This publication is depicts as well a history of photography. An exceptional filed of convergence is opened in the encounter between dance, movement, body language and photography. Genuine artistic strategies remain behind technical processes and their specific pictorial qualities. The photographic pieces of “Feminine Futures” are also witnesses of the history of photography. Half a century of imaginative mutation between the years 1890' and 1940'... From albumen paper, silver or radium bromides to silver prints, a large chromatic spectrum of chemical experiments are gathered, between stability and self-destruction of the visible matter.

Peaks of plastic and artistic mastery are reached in the collaboration between photographers and choreographers such as Isaiah West Taber or Harry C. Ellis with Loïe Fuller, Hixon-Connelly or Herman Mishkin with Vera Fokina and Anna Pavlova, Lou Goodale Bigelow or Nickolas Muray with Ruth St. Denis, Isadora Duncan and Arnold Genthe, Charlotte Rudolph and Hugo Erfurth with Mary Wigman and Gret Palucca, Barbara Morgan and Chris Alexander or Isamu Noguchi with Martha Graham, Maurice Seymour and Siegfried Enkelmann with Ruth Page and Harald Kreutzberg...