Digital Kids

Title: Digital Kids
Published by: Christoph Merian Verlag, Migros-Kulturprozent
Release Date: 2016
Contributors: Dominik LANDWEHR
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 978-3-85616-815-5

7990 HUF


The Creative Media World of Children and Young People

A variety of creative digital tools

With essays by Felix Bänteli and Effi Tanner, Marc Bodmer, Dominik Landwehr, Katharina Nill, Franz Josef Röll and Eike Rösch

Today, children and young people are digitally networked and adept at using their smartphones or tablets. Within just two decades, digitization has produced an incredible diversity of creative tools, be it in the field of video, audio, computer games or programming. How do children and young people deal with this in everyday life?The fourth volume of Edition Digital Culture deals with this question and reports on successful projects in the area of digital creativity. The book contains examples and case studies, complemented by considerations from the viewpoint of media pedagogics and media science. The extensive appendix references additional literature, internet sources and YouTube tutorials.