Chromatic Herbarium

Title: Chromatic Herbarium
Published by: Corraini Edizioni, Mantova
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: Massimo GARDONE, Alessandra MURAN
Pages: 130
ISBN13: 979-12-5493-067-0

19990 HUF


Massimo Gardone with Alessandra Muran has produced a volume that is many things: a living and vivid herbarium of nature's colors with elements collected and photographed while still fresh, but also an evocative photo book capable of enhancing with the eye of the graphic artist the colors and "pantone" of petals, leaves, branches and other elements of nature.

The texts accompanying this research are an essay by Beppe Finessi and Francesco Messina and reflections by landscape designer Matteo Lacivita who starts from the naturalistic observation of colors to also talk about painting, music and other art forms that color really cannot do without.