Brutalia – Genova, Milano, Napoli, Roma, Trieste

Title: Brutalia - Genova, Milano, Napoli, Roma, Trieste
Published by: Zupagrafika, Poznan
Release Date: 2023
Contributors: David NAVARRO, Martyna SOBECKA
Pages: 72
ISBN13: 978-83-963268-4-3

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Breaking free from twenty years of fascist rule, post-war Italy became fertile ground for brutalist architecture. Stark new concrete forms reshaped Italian urban landscapes with bold landmarks, from the iconic Torre Velasca in the centre of Milan to the controversial Vele di Scampia housing complex on the periphery of Naples.

This playful and engaging book guides readers around these examples of Italian brutalist architecture, informing curious explorers about their features, failures, and successes, with a special focus on public housing estates such as “Lavatrici” in Genoa, Nuovo Corviale in Rome, Vele di Scampia in Naples, and Rozzol Melara in Trieste. The first half of Brutalia opens with a foreword by Italian architect and writer Alessandro Benetti; it includes photographs of the featured buildings and details on their histories. The second section contains five pre-cut and pre-folded models to press out and assemble. All you need is glue!