Aesthetics of the Capitalocene

Title: Aesthetics of the Capitalocene
Published by: Sternberg Press
Release Date: 2022
Contributors: Nicolas BOURRIAUD
Pages: 143
ISBN13: 978 3 95679 586 2

7990 HUF


The current ecological crisis brings about a new relational landscape: an unprecedented collapse of distances creates interspecies promiscuities and a crisis of the human scale. In his latest book, Inclusions, Nicolas Bourriaud proposes that artists are the anthropologists of this new era. Artists acknowledge the fading of the division between nature and culture, which has been the matrix of segregation for millenia. Capitalism, patriarchy, slavery, social segregation, the exploitation of land, subsoil, and animals—all are based on status distinctions between subject and object. Against the commodification of natural elements, Bourriaud sees a new generation of artists calling for a molecular anthropology that studies the human effects on the universe and the interaction between humans and nonhumans.